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Primate Ayodele Warns Buhari, says "I Foresee State Of Emergency"

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The Leader of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele, has warned the Nigerian government and President Muhammadu Buhari of a situation that will lead to a state of emergency being declared in Nigeria.

Primate Ayodele revealed that he keeps on hearing the word ‘State of emergency’ over Nigeria, while warning that state governors need to do what is right if they want to avert it.

The clergyman revealed that the crisis will cause a delay in the 2023 general elections and that if care is not taken, the mother of all protests will happen in Nigeria which will need the intervention of the international community to overcome.

He said: ‘’I keep hearing state of emergency in Nigeria, the government should avoid this at all cost, anything can come up any moment from now if we do not handle the situation well, if the governors don’t do what is right, I foresee state of emergency being declared in some parts of the country. It will call for the intervention of the international community. Nigeria also risks being sanctioned towards the election period.

‘’Some states like Plateau, Benue, Rivers, Imo, Borno, Bauchi, will experience it, it won’t be good for the nation, the government has bad advisers that are controlling the country.

“The government will make lots of mistakes that will attract the international community, the country needs help so that it will not collapse midway.

‘’There will be a state of emergency declared in the economy, education and security if the government does not adjust quickly. Also, I foresee Nigeria being sanctioned by the international communities.’’

‘’This will cause delay in 2023 election, there are some pranks that will come from this government between now and 2023, people advising this government must be very careful so another serious protest which will be the mother of all protests will not come up.’’

1 comment:

  1. The Bible says "He who has ear let him hear what the spirit say to the church".

    Well spoken man of God. You have said your own as the Lord directed.

    May you continue to hear from him. Amen.