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Lady Escapes Road Traffic kidnapping in rivers

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Chinasa, a young girl, who unknowingly boarded a vehicle with kidnappers from Airforce base to Eliozu after work on Saturday Night in Rivers State, has narrated how she escaped from them.

According to her, on getting to Eliozu, she told the driver she had reached her destination, but the driver refused to stop.

Suddenly, another passenger at the back screamed; ‘Nobody Go Come Down For This Motor’.

She got a slap when she turned to look at the man. It then dawned on her that she had been picked up by kidnappers.

Fortunately for her, there was a slight traffic, so she took advantage of it by raising an alarm through hitting the car and dragging the door since she was close to it, even when the cars started moving, she still struggled with them.

On noticing a car behind them, the Kidnappers pushed Chinasa out of their moving vehicle and zoomed off. She sustained serious Injuries all over her body. She later discovered that the car behind the Kidnappers were not actually chasing after the hoodlums

Luckily for her, passers-by took her to a near by Pharmacy for treatment.

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