Bandit Leader of Kankara School Children Kidnappers is Dead - News at its peak

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Bandit Leader of Kankara School Children Kidnappers is Dead

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Awwalun Daudawa, who led the abduction of more than 500 students from Government Science Secondary School Kankara last December has been killed in armed clashes with a rival gang, days after reneging on an amnesty deal with authorities, sources told Agence France Presse (AFP).

It was one of a series of mass abductions by heavily armed criminal gangs who have become an increasing security challenge in northwest and central Nigeria.

On Thursday, a Zamfara State government official told AFP Daudawa had reneged on a peace pact he made in February and returned to lead his men in the forest.

“Daudawa was killed along with four of his commanders on Friday afternoon during a gun fight with a rival gang in Dumburum forest on the border with Katsina State,” a Zamfara government official said.

“He led his men on a revenge mission to avenge the death of two of his men by the rival gang during a failed raid on one of his camps last month,” said the official.

In February, Daudawa along with six comrades surrendered to Zamfara State governor, Bello Matawalle, in his office where he handed over weapons, saying he had renounced crime, as part of the amnesty to bandits to end the cycle of violence.

But sources said Daudawa only surrendered a fraction of his weapons and maintained contact with his gangs in the forest.

Earlier this month, Daudawa left his lodging in Zamfara State capital, Gusau, on the pretext of meeting some criminal gangs to convince them to accept a government amnesty offer and release some hostages, according to an official.

“Daudawa has been killed along with his four commanders during fighting with the men of rival bandits,” a source with deep knowledge on the activities of bandits told AFP.

“He was ambushed and gunned down while trying to take away the herd of the rival gang,” said the source.

Daudawa, 43, was an armed robber and a cattle rustler before he added gun-running and kidnapping for ransom to his criminal portfolio.

He was known to have ties with Boko Haram jihadists and acted as their gunrunner, selling weapons they seize from Nigerian security personnel in the northeast to bandits in the northwest.

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