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Thief Trapped Down In Hole Drilled At Church Wall To Steal

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An alleged thief who burgled a church building has been nabbed, after he got trapped in a hole he followed to gain access to the building.

The suspect identified as Agyasuo reportedly burgled a Catholic Church building in Techimantia, a suburb of the Tano South Municipality in the Ahafo Region, Ghana

The suspect created a hole inside the ground floor of the locked storey building using a chisel and hammer but unfortunately got trapped in the hole.

Residents saw him making the hole but chose to wait and watch. After making the hole, he climbed in and stole some money from the church. He is also said to have stolen mobile devices.

He however couldn’t sneak back out and according to sources, the caretaker of the church was given a heads-up about the presence of an intruder on the premises. Upon opening the door to apprehend the thief, Agyasuo was discovered trapped inside the building.

In a video, he is seen pleading for mercy as he returns the GH¢ 200.00 worth of offertory he attempted to escape with. Furthermore, he was found in possession of a bag which contained stolen phones, a computer and other accessories.

As her son was being matched to the police station, his disgruntled mother sobbed, voicing surprise at her son’s actions

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