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Primate Ayodele Calls For Prayers To Avert Assassination Of Some Nigerian Governors

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The Leader of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele has released some new series of warnings amidst the economic and security challenges facing Nigeria.

The man of God during a mid-week live service yesterday, April 27, 2021 stated that Nigerians need to pray against assassination of some Nigerian governors.

He revealed that he foresees assassination hovering around them and if serious attention isn’t taken through prayers, something terrible may happen to many of them.

Primate Ayodele commented on terrorism in Nigeria, making it known that it is difficult to overcome because most of the masterminds are in President Buhari’s government.

‘’Nigerian governors should pray against assassination, it is hovering around them. Governors should wake up’’

‘’People that are involved in terrorism should be arrested, they are in the government, it seems the government are happy with this what is going on, if not, they know what to do. The traits of Boko Haram are still in Buhari’s government, his appointees should be investigated very well, I don’t know why the northern elders are shielding terrorists, they should be arrested immediately or else, the country will go into a state of anarchy as I said Earlier’’

He also alerted the Lagos state government on the need to beef up security in some sensitive areas of the state.

‘’In Lagos, Bandits will want to strike top four places ;Market, Bustops, Schools, and Churches, the governor should wake up to this, it is not a time to Joke, the security operatives should be on alert’’.

Primate Ayodele whose prophecies about the insecurity faced in Nigeria has come to pass lamented the rate at which the people in power ignore spiritual warning, explaining that it is the reason Nigeria is at this unfortunate state today.

‘’Despite all the warnings, still the government refused to listen, this is one of the reasons we are where we are today, This government don’t listen to warnings, they don’t take God serious, I see some described prophecies as doom, that’s very wrong, they are just warnings’’

Furthermore, Primate Ayodele gave warnings to some African countries, among other prophecies

"Chad must still beef up security, I see rebels coming for the interim head of state and there will be constitutional amendments

"South Sudan and Sudan crisis will soon begin

"Covid-19 will subside in the world from November – January, people will stop using nose mask."

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