CHILD TRAFFICKING: 31-Year-Old Titilayo, Boyfriend Nab For Stealing Baby In Ilorin - News at its peak

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CHILD TRAFFICKING: 31-Year-Old Titilayo, Boyfriend Nab For Stealing Baby In Ilorin

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•Victim sold in Ondo

A 31-year-old lady, Titilayo Kudaisi and her boyfriend, Oluseyi Akinsete, have been arrested for stealing and selling children.

They were arrested in Ondo State after stealing a six-month-old baby at Odo-Ota Sawmill area in Ilorin, Kwara State.

Kudaisi said they stole the child after the parents left the house while the boyfriend stood guard.

She confessed the two children they stole earlier were sold in Imo State for N500,000 to N300,000 respectively.

Kudaisi admitted she also sold her baby shortly after she was introduced to the business by her boyfriend.

“We went to steal the child from his parents’ house in Ilorin, Kwara State.
“It’s my boyfriend who’s aware of the little boy mother's movement. After surveying the environment, we now moved in to steal the toddler.

“I met my boyfriend who lured me into the business in Lagos where I was living. He invited me to Ilorin, and I went to meet him with my only child who is three-year-old. Though, my child's father is late.

“After arriving Ilorin, he convinced me that we should sell my baby, a boy which I disagreed with. But after much persuasion, I agree that we should sell the baby after he told me that he will help get my baby back.
“We later sold my child to someone in Imo State for N300,000 but I could not get my child back despite his assurance.

“It’s after we sold my child that we went to steal the baby at Ilorin. After stealing the baby, we travelled down to Ondo town in Ondo State and I advised him that we should return the baby because I was scared of the entire scenario.”

But the boyfriend said he started the child selling business in 2019 through his friend, identified as John Emeka.

Oluseyi, who claimed to have fathered three children, said he has not sold any of his children. He said his friend helped him to sell a female child for N500,000
“In total, I’ve been able to steal three babies since I started the business. We used to sell them to our buyers in Imo State.
“The guy that used to buy the babies from us told us that he works with an orphanage home.”

Ondo Police Commissioner, Bolaji Salami, said the suspects would soon be charged to court. (The Nation)

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