Primate Ayodele Urges Cameroun President To Pray Against Crisis, Massive Killings - News at its peak

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Primate Ayodele Urges Cameroun President To Pray Against Crisis, Massive Killings

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...Wake up to avoid your Government being Hijacked

The Leader Of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele has warned the President of Cameroun, Paul Biya against dullness in his government as he foresees his government been hijacked.

Primate Ayodele disclosed this during a live service in his Lagos church today Sunday, March 28, 2021. He said he foresees serious crisis in Cameroun which will lead to unexpected killings in the country.

He warned that Paul Biya should pray against death as he foresees his health failing

"Cameroun will have crisis, there will be a big problem between the English speaking and French speaking part of the country.

"The country will have political problem, and unexpected killings will occur in the country, the president, Paul Biya will have issues and if he is not careful, He will have problem and his government will be hijacked.

"He should pray for his health, He needs to wake up or else, it will be worse both economically and politically,’’ he added.

Speaking further, He revealed that the President Of Uganda will continue to have issues with his opposition, and efforts will be made towards making him irrelevant politically, while stating that He foresees another coup threat in Africa.

Uganda president will keep facing opposition challenges, efforts will be made to destroy his political relevance, lets pray against a major disorderliness in the country that looks like a protest. I foresee another coup threat in Africa’’

In Nigeria, the man of God revealed that some states need to pray against bomb scare which will threaten the security of Nigeria like never before.

‘In Nigeria, I see a major bomb scare that will threaten the security of our country than ever before, we need serious prayers, our security agencies must fight the issue of Boko Haram. These states should pray against Bomb scare; Abuja, Lagos, Portharcourt and Oyo state.’’

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