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OGUN TRACE: Retraining of Drivers, solutions to reduce road traffic crashes

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By OLALEKAN AYENI --- The Area 4 Commander of Ogun State Traffic Compliance and Enforcement Corps (TRACE), Adekunle Ariyo Ajibade, has called on corporate organistions and all other transport companies to take issues of retraining their drivers as a matter of priority.

The Corps said road traffic crashes involving logistics and commercial vehicles had spiral effects and as such needed to be checked.

Commander Ajibade who was represented by the Head of Operations, Area 4 Command, Commander Adetunji Michael Oyebola, spoke at the a retraining workshop organised by Justrite company for its drivers.

He said its high time for transporters to take issues of safety with utmost seriousness to reduce, if not total elimination of road traffic crashes on Nigeria roads. "A good and professional driver is someone who drove a vehicle from one point and arrive safely in his destination," he added.

“I commend the management of Justrite Company for always taking the lead in retraining their drivers. This is not the first time, it has been a continuous exercise, which should be emulated by other transporters.

“This training is critical because it has to do with life. You have to be very careful, drive cautiously with utmost concentration while on the wheel.

“We want to minimize accidents on the road. It is important for us to know those man made causes of accidents so that we can reduce the rate of accidents on our roads," he said.

Commander Oyebola discourage drivers from driving against traffic, overspeeding, drug driving and obstructing road with faulty vehicles due to high risks attached to both the driver and other road users. He stressed that no government would ever allowed vehicle owners to turn highway to mechanic workshop. 

He advised the drivers to avoid driving under fatigue, noting that it had been discovered that lack of rest and stress was one of the leading cause of accidents involving articulated vehicles drivers.

He said all drivers are expected to drive on the road with utmost discipline, adequate knowledge of highway codes and how to detect vehicles mechanical fault.

Commander Oyebola also said TRACE would always have zero tolerance for indiscipline especially driving against traffic popularly known as 'one way', indiscriminate parkings that are liable to cause accident on the road.

He said opined that the agency would not relent from enforcing the state's government policy on the newly constructed Osi, Ikola roads in Ota and on over head bridges in Abeokuta, the state capital. 
The company's manager, Mr Kadiri Agbola, thanked the TRACE officials for aquaint the drivers with the safety tips, which he confirmed would definitely have positive impact in reducing crashes on the roads.

He said the company would not defiant from organising training and retraining for its drivers, while appealing to other organistions to emulate such to further reduce accident on the road.

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