Ogun Police Seek Media Cooperation In Tackling Insecurity, Road Traffic Challenges - News at its peak

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Ogun Police Seek Media Cooperation In Tackling Insecurity, Road Traffic Challenges

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...No hidden place for criminals under my watch - ACP Muyideen Obe

By OLALEKAN AYENI --- The Ogun State Police Command, has sought for media support and cooperation in tackling the lingering insecurity and road traffic challenges in the state.

The Sango Area Commander, ACP Muyideen Obe, made the call at his official visit to Sango Ota Divisional Command of Ogun State Vehicle Inspection Service. He explained that the police force, other security agencies and media are partners in progress in ensuring better security situation of the country.

"Some of you may be wondering why am I here. Yes! am here as I always harmonising that society policing is everybody's business. Historically, Nigeria Police has always be a big father, it gave birth to Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), Vehicle Inspection Service (VIS) and other safety and security agencies. So am here to consolidate on the synergy that would enable us as police and other sister agencies collaborating in the fight against both road traffic indisciplines, crime and criminality within this jurisdiction and beyond.

"We are in the era of togetherness, era of taking ownership and partnership in safety and security of our society. It is no longer era of "we virsus them". Community Policing concept taking care of everybody and there will be no crime if everybody have cautiousness, enthusiasm and willingness to say "no to crime".

"We must say something anytime one sees something strange within his neighbourhood" policing is everyone's responsibility hence that is the only avenues we have to stop criminalities before it stops us," he said

He made a clear appeal to the Journalists as a responsible stakeholders in the society to support in sanitisibg and spreading the gospel of "say no to crime, criminality and road traffic indisciplines" to public especially to traders who derived joy in highway obstructions and the youths that have turned public places to drug and smoking arenas.

“Therefore, I am soliciting for the support and cooperation of the media and other security agencies and the entire people of Sango-Ota area of the state to ensure better policing in the state, ” he stated.

"Media roles are highly needed in the course of spreading this sermon, sensitising and re-orientate public to enable them understand that Police is not their enemy but friend. It is just that majority of Nigerians preferred celebrating indiscipline, indecency, crime and criminality. Everyone of us in this country should always endeavour to start asking ourselves "who is our role model?"

"My being into Police is calling to serve and I have been the job with passion. It is time for Nigerians to join hand with police in correcting abnormallies, indecencies, lawlessness and indisciplines in our society. Nigeria is our country, no one can build it for us except ourselves. 

ACP Obe also advised journalists to use ethical guide, professionalism while reporting, avoid buying used or stolen phones to avoid being a victim of stolen properties. He noted that the punishment of people in possession of stolen properties are more higher than the thief that stole the property.

"No hidden place for criminals in my territory, though they may continue to run for a while, but long hands of Justice will catch them quickly" he said. 

There is need for us all to sensitise our people including road users and traders who turn government roads to market stands that we will continue to have zero tolerance for indiscipline, in other words tell them that "New Sheriff is in town"

The visit was hosted by Sango-Ota Divisional Commander of Vehicle Inspection Services (VIS) Eng. Paul Kehinde Osukoya. He commended the tireless ACP Obe especially in the areas of traffic control and Vehicular bottleneck challenges that his presence at the command has solved.

He further expresses his satisfaction and earnest willingness of his VIS team to continue the synergy with the Nigeria Police and other sister agencies in delivering a saner society.

Also in attendance to welcome the Area commander was the Sango-Ijoko Unit Commander of Ogun State Traffic Compliance and Enforcement Corps (TRACE), Cdr. Adekunle Kojeku who also declared his unit support to further solve noted traffic challenges and commend ACP Obe for his frantic efforts to bring sanity to the communities under his watch especially in areas of crackdown of unrepentant traffic offenders who usually contributed to the traffic logjams of Oju-Ore and Sango-under bridge.

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