16-Year-Old Mother Of Four Pregnant For Another Man - News at its peak

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16-Year-Old Mother Of Four Pregnant For Another Man

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A 16-year-old mother of four has been harrassed after getting pregnant for another man outside wedlock.

According to a Twitter user, Akinnawonu Ilesanmi with username @_LADEmie who witnessed the event, the young mother was caught having affair with another man despite having four kids for a different man other than her current husband.

“So, I happened to witness a 16 year old who already has four children for another man entirely but the present husband is the one taking Care of the the kids. She got involved with another guy again who got her pregnant, slept at his house over night.

The husband found out and they brought the issue to the community leader. This girl started fighting the husband who has been taking care of four kids that aren’t his for years. This girl is just 16 years and she is expecting her 5th child. Scum has no gender

They started beating her she started beating her mom.”

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