Woman Arrested For ‘Serving Human Meat’ In Her Restaurant - News at its peak

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Woman Arrested For ‘Serving Human Meat’ In Her Restaurant

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By Shammah Ogbodo --- A woman, who identity is yet to be known, It was gathered allegedly using human meat to serve customers in her restaurant in Anambra has been caught.

The woman reportedly runs a local food restaurant that offered meals like unripe plantain and chopped beef 'Asun' which is actually human body as assorted meat.

The bodies which are brought in through movie sacks are diced up, washed, boiled and fried up to be served to her customers that came in from different areas to wine and dine in her restaurant.

She has reportedly been caught by the police in Anambra and was paraded in the town where she runs her restaurant while carrying the remaining human parts in a bowl on her head.

Pls becareful of foods you eat at restaurants.

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