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Restore Management Courses In FUNAAB, Students Appeal To FG

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The Students of Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, (FUNAAB) Ogun State, have appealed to the Federal Government to allow Management courses to continue to run in the institution.

The students, acting under the aegis of the Students Union Government (SUG) at a press conference, urged the government to follow the example of past governments by diversifying the  academic programmes of FUNAAB, specifically that of the college, in line with current reality and global best practices.

The students also called on the government to improve access to education, with a view to making it affordable for millions of youths seeking admission to tertiary institutions in the country.

Addressing journalists on Wednesday at the SUG building, the President of the Students Union, Comrade Oloyede Michael 'Proverbial' noted that since inception, the college has proved to be one of such fertile grounds to the growth of the institution.

According to him, the establishment of the college has enhanced the facelift for agricultural related courses by incorporating the business and management angle to agriculture by creating employment opportunities for the academic and non-academic staff. 

To this end, the students union President said since the National Assembly has not amended the mandate of the Universities of Agriculture in Nigeria by deleting the clause allied disciplines, it would be inappropriate for Federal Government or any of her agencies to act in breach of the clear and unambiguous letters of the law that established the Federal University of Agriculture in Nigeria by delisting the Management Sciences programmes from Federal Universities of Agriculture in Nigeria. 

"It should be noted that the Federal Universities of Agriculture, Abeokuta is not running any unapproved Management Science programme and that all the degree programmes mounted in the College were resource verified and accredited by the NUC.

"The available space for prospective candidates in Nigerian Universities is less than 30 percent of total eligible candidates seeking admission annually. Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) record reveals that about 2 million candidates registered for 2020 examination among whom less than 30 percent will be given admission.

"Delisting of Management Science courses from specialized Universities, has further constraint available space for eligible candidates seeking admission.

"The number of eligible candidates seeking admission into the Universities every year has kept on increasing geometrically.  Most of the candidates seeking admission to Federal Universities are indigent with poor financial background who cannot meet up with school fees being charged by State and Private Universities.  

"Therefore, by adhering to this decision will leave young boys and girls roving the streets which has adverse social implications."

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