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Pastor Who Refused To Wed Couple For Coming Late Is Dead

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The pastor who few weeks ago, trended in Port Harcourt for calling off a wedding over the purported lateness of the bride into the church, Pastor Essa Oggory is dead.

According to reports shared by many sources on social media platforms, Pastor Essa Ogorry of Fulfilling World Foundation in Port Harcourt, has died of a yet to be confirmed cause.

Recall that Pastor Essa Ogorry had gone viral on February 6, 2021 after he cancelled a couple’s wedding in his church after the couple arrived church 5 minutes late.

One of the reports stated that the pastor who had also celebrated his birthday on February 9, was looking fabulous and sound before his death exactly one year after the death of his wife.

One of the reports circulating on social media reads:

Pastor Essa Ogorry of Fulfilling Word Foundation Church is dead. He died earlier today. The man of God went viral recently when he cancelled a wedding in Port-Harcourt, because the groom reportedly arrived late. Meanwhile, his wife died on the 16th of February 2020. He died exactly same day a year after his wife’s death.

Another Facebook user identified as Mike Cassidy believed to be one of Pastor Essa’s church members, also shared a video of the pastor and wrote:

It will never be easy to say goodbye,…Thank you for been so pure and authentic. The brethren and I grieve your passing- with a sadness that cannot be described, but thank God for this message. I put it here on social media/Facebook and in all our platforms as a tribute to your blessed assurance and confidence in Jesus Christ, our Chief Shepherd and also your legacy of Faith.

Journey on Brother – Rev. Essa Ogorry.

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