My Husband Requests For My Pubic Hair During Sex, Woman Tells Court - News at its peak

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My Husband Requests For My Pubic Hair During Sex, Woman Tells Court

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A mother of two, Kaosara Okeowo, on Wednesday asked the Mapo Customary Court, Ibadan, to dissolve her six-year-old marriage to estranged husband, Lateef Okeowo, on ground of suspected ritual.

Kaosara, a trader, told the court President, Chief Ademola Odunade, that her life might be in serious danger, and was no more comfortable continuing with the matrimony.

“My lord, things were going on well until recently, when Lateef suddenly requested me to insert a charm in my private parts.

“Furthermore, he told me to also give him some strings of hair from my private parts during our sexual encounter.

“I was shocked and immediately rejected his request.

“Lateef never told me why he wanted me to insert something in my private parts, or what he wanted the strings of hair for, but I knew that he wanted it for ritual,” Kaosara said.

Corroborating her daughter’s argument, Kaosara’s mother, pointed out that all the findings done by her family revealed that Lateef was bent on using her daughter for ritual and that the court should waste no time in putting an end to the marriage.

Lateef, however, denied the allegation and gave his consent to the suit.

He argued that his wife merely concocted the lie, to find an escape route out of the union.

“I have never attempted anything like that before, and I am so surprised that Kaosara has made this allegation against me.

“I did not even sleep with her on the day she mentioned; she was on the bed with her niece, who is a teenager; I slept in the sitting room,” he said.

The defendant, however, contended that Kaosara could go if she wished, but that the court should order her to return all his property such as cooking utensils, clothes and a big ram in her custody.

In his testimony, Lateef’s father argued that his son was not involved in rituals, and that his daughter in-law was such an opportunist, who had seen another man with more money.

Delivering judgment, Odunade held that Kaosara could not provide any evidence that all the property she took belonged to her.

He said that he dissolved the marriage in the interest of peaceful living and awarded custody of the two children in the union to Kaosara.

Odunade ordered Lateef to pay N10,000 as the children’s monthly feeding allowance, in addition to being responsible for their education and other welfare.

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