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JUNGLE JUSTICE: How Council Boss, Chief Williams Uses Armed Thugs To Eject Tenants

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By MICHAEL AKINOLA --- The Executive Chairperson of Igando Ikotun LCDA in Lagos State, Hon. Morenike Adesina Williams, may have given signal that self help is better than the rule of law following her alleged recent conduct over her tenants.

it was gathered that Chief Williams reportedly bought a house at No. 16, Obabeyi Street, off Igando Road, Ikotun, for an undisclosed amount and allegedly used armed thugs to attack and eject the tenants from the house without giving them any quit notice.

She was said to have believed that giving the tenants quit notice will take a longer process and she then resorted to self help by allegedly hiring about 20 armed men who went to the house, beat up some tenants, damaged the doors and toilets in order to eject them.

Chief Williams, who has been described by her supporters as an enigmatic politician, a patriotic Nigerian with quantifiable energy and massive positive accomplishments: a protagonist of positive change and development may have embarrassed her followers by her conduct to the poor tenants, who are not owing arrears of rent but just victims of change of landlord.

One of the victims attacked by the thugs was nursing mother, Mrs. Elegbade Mayowa, who was in the house when the thugs invaded the house in the evening on Monday at about 6pm with arms to maim and destroy.

She narrated that she was in the house when she initially sighted three persons and carpenter, who came to the house, started removing doors and destroying toilets threatening to kill and harm anybody who disturbs the new landlord from taking over the house.

The nursing mother, Mrs. Mayowa, said when she confronted them to know what happened and why they were removing doors and destroying toilets, she said the exchange of words led to one of them beating her and threatening that they have informed the Police at Area M and she will be arrested. Later they mobilised more thugs, who came to the house with arms looking for the tenants to harm.

She said another tenant was seriously beaten to pulp because she attempted to use mobile phone to record what they were doing in the house and could not state the condition of the tenant, who was seriously beaten by the thugs.

The tenants are now living in fear and do not know where to go with their families because the thugs threatened that they will kill any tenants they find there.

When the Council boss, Chief Williams, was contacted through her media aide, Eniola Badmus, T aide denied insisting that the principal can never embark on such illegality because she knows the law. 
But when Eniola was confronted with facts available, he promised to call back but never called again. 

Meanwhile, the Police have commenced investigation into the circumstances that led Chief Williams to have brought the thugs to intimidate, harass, and assault the tenants in order to eject them without due process.

In a petition sighted by P.M.EXPRESS, which was sent to the Commissioner of Police, Lagos State, it stated the aforementioned as what happened and that Chief Williams was the new landlord, who was said to have brought the thugs to forcefully eject tenants.

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