HUMANITARIAN: Prophet Bamiduro Takes Charity to Hometown, Gifts Foods, Cash To Less-priviledges - News at its peak

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HUMANITARIAN: Prophet Bamiduro Takes Charity to Hometown, Gifts Foods, Cash To Less-priviledges

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By FOLORUNSHO HAMSAT --- As the world slips into a pandemic-induced hibernation since early 2020, one might assume that charity ministries, too, have slowed down or come to a stop on their humanitarian activities. But this is not so. A few of them, amongst whom is the Alagbado, Lagos based Thy Word is Life World Ministries a.k.a. Iye Ni Oro Naa, has continued to be active in charity giving. However, in the case of Iye Ni Oro Naa, its standard for silent charity has been maintained. And the results massive.

Since the founding of his Bamiduro Life Care Foundation, a humanitarian and empowerment scheme few years ago, the General Overseer of Iye Ni Oro Naa, Prophet Folorunsho Emmanuel Bamiduro has been most effective in silently fighting poverty via provision of moral and material needs of the less privileged.

Much of Bamiduro Life Care Foundation’s humanitarian activities, we gathered, had been city based in nature, albeit quietly. It had been mainly Lagos based and the focus was on giving to people without noise, a source told this magazine. However, the routine is changing with the prevailing social and economic challenges across the world. The BLCF outreach has not only transformed and gone public, it has also moved beyond Lagos, with the founder, Prophet Bamiduro’s native town, Ikare-Akoko in Ondo State, being the first port of call.

On Friday 5th of February 2021, the volunteer team set up for the purpose of reaching out to beneficiaries of the BLCF aids, visited Ikare-Akoko where we learnt loads of food stuffs and cash gifts were handed out to different categories of poor persons including aged widows, widowers, vulnerable children and indigent school wards. The donations are still ongoing as it was planned to cover two weeks, the source said.

“We are committed to our real objectives and aims of taking care of old people and the vulnerable,” declared Prophet Bamiduro during a chat with us. He noted that he has been doing this for ten years with the little resources available even though it has not been easy. “It is our passion for humanity which is more vital”, he said, adding that he had been doing it all alone because of his past belief that giving should not be done in a spirit of showoff. Now, because the resources available are not able to cover the increasing demands, the Foundation is asking public-spirited individuals and corporate entities to come in.

“We are asking that they extend their hands of philanthropy those whom giving is their spiritual gift and God has given money, to meaningfully share with others who are not so privileged. We are thankful for all of who have come alongside us and those willing to join us on this humanitarian path, whether through prayer, a word of encouragement or financial contributions It is in the continuous journey with our global partners that we embody our kinship in Christ,” Bamiduro stated.

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