Wife Seeks Dissolution Of 12-Year-Old Marriage Over Alleged Battery, Lack Of Care - News at its peak

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Wife Seeks Dissolution Of 12-Year-Old Marriage Over Alleged Battery, Lack Of Care

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A housewife, Ayodele Oluwakemi, on Thursday, prayed an Ado-Ekiti Customary Court to dissolve her 12-year-old marriage to her husband, Ayodele Ojo, on grounds of incessant beating and neglect.

Oluwakemi, 38, is also seeking the dissolution on grounds of drunkenness as well as lack of rest of mind and care for the children.

Oluwakemi, a resident of No. 10, Ilaro, Matthew Street in Ado-Ekiti, told the court that her husband always beat her at any slightest misunderstanding.

She said that her husband would leave the house without giving them money for feeding, and if she failed to give him food on returning back, he would descend on her.

She told the court that she obtained a loan for Ojo from a micro-finance bank, popularly known as LAPO, which, she said, he was paying back.

Oluwakemi, a mother of three, however, said that when he could not complete the repayment, the LAPO officials arrested her and beat her because she could not balance the money.

She stated that there was a time her husband went to a family court to take the custody of the children, but that they (the children) were released to her instead.

Oluwakemi said that her husband had not been responsible for the education of their children.

She said that her husband was in the habit of depriving her from going to church, adding that whenever she ventured to go to church, he would lock them outside.

The petitioner, therefore, urged the court to separate them and order him to be responsible for the care and education of the children.

She also prayed the court for the custody of the three children produced by the union, arguing that if their custody should be awarded to her husband, they might not be taken good care of.

However, the respondent, a resident of No. 20, Odo-Ado in Ado-Ekiti, admitted that they do fight occasionally.

Although Ojo, 42, admitted that he was jobless, he, however, said that he had had cause to sell his property to take care of his family.

While also admitting that he took loan from LAPO together with his wife, he said that the money was used to a shop for his wife, claiming that she abandoned it for almost a year.

He, however, said that he had paid back the loan in full.

Ojo also told the court that his wife left her matrimonial home for her father’s house and she refused to come back.

The respondent, however, objected to the dissolution of the marriage, saying that should the marriage be dissolved, he should be awarded the custody of the children.

The President of the court, Mrs Olayinka Akomolede, after hearing from both parties, adjourned the case till Feb. 18, for judgment. 

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