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"Love alone doesn't pay bills" Chioma Amaryllis warns intending couples

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A Media personality, Chioma Amaryllis took to Facebook to warn intending couples that love alone is not enough to sustain a relationship because it can't pay the bills.

She explained that the previous generation could afford to get married with little or no money but times have changed.

She wrote: "Let me say this to you. Love alone doesn't pay bills. That is not to say love isn't important but the older generation could afford to marry with little or no money, but in 2021, it will be the height of deliberate ignorance and self deceit to think that when shit gets hard and bills come, that it's love that will pay mortgage, car note, rent, hospital bills, student loans, kids tuition etc. In 2021, you need a skill on top your skills, you need to keep adding to your options and streams of income, because when life happens, and it will, that love you are loving without money will be the source of anger, resentment and disappointment. So as I have come to learn and say, what can be avoided, should....#Queen

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