Housewife Baths Husband With Acid Over Manhood's Size - News at its peak

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Housewife Baths Husband With Acid Over Manhood's Size

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By CYRIACUS IZUEKWE --- A housewife, Mrs. Lucy Njeri, has been arrested and charged before Court for deserting and at the same time bathing her estranged husband, Geoffrey, with acid over size of his manhood.

The incident, it was gathered, happened in Kenya but has gone viral on the internet with many expressing different reactions over the dastardly act.

Mrs. Lucy has told the Court why she assaulted her former husband, Geoffrey, with acid stating that she left him because she could not stand him and his ‘oversized’ manhood as it was too big for her. 

She narrated that while she left him, she had warned him never to visit her again but the victim was adamant and went to her house probably because of the passion he had for her.

But that decision may hurt him for the rest of his life as he arrived at her house that fateful day only to find her with another man but she allegedly refused to open the door.

Geoffrey was said to have then opened a window only for Lucy to splash a corrosive substance suspected to be acid on his face leaving it disfigured.

She fled after committing the act but was later arrested the next day while the victim was rushed to the hospital where he is undergoing treatment over the attack.

There had been several reactions over the incident. While some said Geoffrey was the cause of his misfortune because Lucy had earlier warned him not to come to her house. Others said it was not enough to have poured acid on him which was a serious crime in the society as it attracts several years of imprisonment if she is tried and found guilty before the Court.

Another set of people said some women wish to have men, who have big size of manhood as it will enhance their sexual satisfaction. But to Mrs. Lucy, it was a burden and the reason she opted out of the marriage. 


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