Abiara Urges Fellow Pastors, Prophets To Stop Prophesying About Elections - News at its peak

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Abiara Urges Fellow Pastors, Prophets To Stop Prophesying About Elections

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Following the disruptive prophetic declarations that greeted the November 2020 presidential election of the United States of America and developments that followed its outcome, prophets and pastors have been advised to stop dabbling into election prophecies.

Pastor Elijah Abiara of Comforter’s Prophetic Institute, North America, gave the advice in a statement issued on Friday, citing the high rate of failures and divisions created by utterances of religious leaders and groups before, during and after the hotly contested polls.

Religious leaders, groups and individuals, across the globe, as well as in Nigeria, made failed prophecies about the elections and the candidates – Immediate past President Donald Trump of the Republican Party and President Joe Biden of the Democratic Party.

Explaining why many of the prophecies about the US election failed, Abiara said self-interest was at the heart of many of those declarations.

His words: “Many of the prophecies of the recent US election’s outcome failed because of self-interest, not because the Lord is not with these men of God. No matter how powerful and how accurate your gift of prophecy is, if you have self-interest, it will create self-conflict, resulting in false prophecy which may in turn, affect your credibility.”

Many men of God, especially the evangelicals had queued behind Trump, with some labelling the eventual winner of the election, Biden, as agent of the antichrist due to his party’s open support for controversial issues like homosexuality and abortions.

Pastor Abiara berated such men of God, arguing that “the truth of the matter is that Joe Biden is more of the Lord than many politicians in Washington.”

“In his acceptance speech, Joe Biden quoted many Bible verses, more than Donald Trump ever quoted in his entire four years in the Oval office,” he added.

“Joe Biden is a faithful and practicing Catholic.”

On why Christians must pray for the new US President, he said: “It’s time to move on and pray for the new president. China is on the rise and on a speed to overtake the US, but it won’t happen because the US is the only mouthpiece for God’s chosen nation: Isreal.”

Reiterating his stand against election prophecies, he cautioned: To the upcoming Pastors and Prophets, please, don’t ever prophecy in public about any election result; even if the Lord reveals the outcome to you, it’s not to be publicized, rather, for your own information as a servant of the Lord, due to His faithfulness.”

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